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Solos and small firms committed to serving their communities.


Join this site if you are a solo/small community based law firm practitioner, legal services advocate, law student or faculty advising low, middle income or underreprenented communities.

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Sponsored by the Law School Consortium Project provides a forum for the support, training, and mentoring of solo and small firm lawyers who provide discounted, or "low bono," legal services to underrepresented communities. These attorneys are graduates of, in collaboration with, Law School Consortium Project member law schools. serves this community of public interest attorneys by creating an internet portal that contains valuable attorney resources, including: also allows for more effective communication and collaboration among law students, recently graduated and experienced attorneys and mentors, and LSCP member law schools across the country. is a collaborative project of the Law School Consortium Project and its member law schools. can be used by solo and small firm practitioners and public interest law school programs with missions to serve underrepresented communities. is supported by While most of is open to Probono Net members who join, some parts of the site (e.g., listservs) are closed.

Please read the terms and conditions for use of Lowbono Lawyering described in this disclaimer.

Participating Organizations:

LSCP Member Law Schools

The Law School Consortium Project member law schools include:

UC Berkeley School of Law, Boalt

City Univ of New York Sch of Law

Golden Gate Univ School of Law

UC Hastings College of the Law

Univ of Maryland School of Law

Univ of Michigan School of Law

Univ of New Mexico School of Law

Northeastern School of Law

U of Pacific McGeorge Sch of Law

Rutgers School of Law

Univ of San Francisco Sch of Law

Santa Clara Univ School of Law

Stanford Law School

Syracuse Law School

Univ of Tennessee College of Law

Thomas Cooley School of Law

Touro Law School

The Law School Consortium Project is an innovative national non-profit increasing the affordability and accessibility of legal services to low and middle income individuals. Utilizing social entrepreneurship philosophy, we work with law schools to support alumnae who have solo and small firm community based and oriented law practices. These lawyers supplement their pro bono and full fee work by providing "low bono" - discounted or low fee - legal services to their clients. The average LSCP solo/small firm practitioner has a law practice that provides 42% low bono work, 14% pro bono work, 36% full fee work and the remaining as fee-shifting cases.

Law schools support their graduates who are engaged in low bono practices by working with the LSCP to provide training, mentoring, networking and other general support. Each LSCP Member School is responsible for developing their unique practitioner program and network to provide resources and services to solo and small-firm lawyers who are committed to serving low and moderate-income individuals and communities.

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